My Hero…

"In the world of filmstars and cricketers, my father is my hero", Son of an Army officer flaunted proudly!!👦 : by Saurabh Kumar ©ArtInKart You can even reach us on : Facebook Instagram Twitter



​She was not a person She was a fragrance. Which I wore, On my thoughts. I inhaled, With my soul. I bottled,  In my heart. Which I wore, As my identity. I inhaled, As a drug. I caged, As a memory. Which I wore  As my skin. I inhaled As cent. I treasured, As a... Continue Reading →


Background Courtesy: YourQuote ArtInKart Official Instagram


By Prachi Agarwal ArtInKart Official Instagram


By Karishma Yadav ArtInKart Official Instagram


​I see Lust but Not Love, I see humans But why Not Humanity!! By Prachi Agarwal ArtInKart Official Instagram

Wo jism..

​Bech diya, chand rupyon ke liye, ussko zamaane ne,  Loot liya bachpana usske jism ko aazmane mei, Uss shehzadi ke zakham par toh insaaniyat bhi beemar hai; Ishq ki toh wo bhi haqdar hai, Par usske aaj raat kafi kharidar hai.         Written By Dev ArtInKart Official Instagram

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