​She was not a person She was a fragrance. Which I wore, On my thoughts. I inhaled, With my soul. I bottled,  In my heart. Which I wore, As my identity. I inhaled, As a drug. I caged, As a memory. Which I wore  As my skin. I inhaled As cent. I treasured, As a... Continue Reading →



Background Courtesy: YourQuote ArtInKart Official Instagram


By Prachi Agarwal ArtInKart Official Instagram


By Karishma Yadav ArtInKart Official Instagram


​I see Lust but Not Love, I see humans But why Not Humanity!! By Prachi Agarwal ArtInKart Official Instagram

The Eyes Have it..

Amazing Art by : Bansi Chovatiya


​She is concerned about the gusty wind of an upcoming tornado, she is conscious about the rainfall much before there is existence of hefty clouds. She is mangled with her own hypothesis and evaluations. She is expert in murdering anticipation and optimism. She is scared of destruction but unfortunately, herself turning in an unaware epitome... Continue Reading →

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